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Hi, I’m Anja Carolina

Author of contemporary romance & Non-fiction books

Who I am

I´m living my writer’s life in a terrace house with a small garden in Denmark as an author of contemporary romance, with my husband I met when I was 19 and our Icelandic sheepdog.

 I write about love, in both English and Danish, and you'll find the naughty and nice varieties here.

I'm all about a good story that spreads warmth, love, hope and a good laugh. That's what I like to read and watch and what I want to write and share with the world.

What I love

My favorite season (although I enjoy them all) is fall because: crisp air, apples, hot cocoa, sweaters and those amazing red, brown, yellow and green colors!

My favorite beverage is tea or water and if I could only bring one food to a desert island it would be dark chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar - yum!

I can never resist a book with chairs on the cover somehow or a tv-show that promises something supernatural like vampires, and I think tv-watching and book reading should be professional sports.


My Work

I’ve wanted to tell stories since I could talk and become a writer since I learned how to read and I specifically want to write about love and relationships because those two things fascinate me and I love a happy ending. We can all use more happy endings in this life. 

I’ve released most of my work so far in Danish but am working on several stories in English so keep an eye out (easiest to do if you’re on my mailing list), I’ve got more to tell about love.


The New Year’s Wish

Romance, snow, drama in the alps - read the book