Author Favorites April 2019

April has been a particularly challenging month. Health issues have been putting a wrench in the things this author loves: reading and writing. Allergies, eczema, pain... they have been queuing up arguing about who is the bigger priority. I have tried to adopt the same humorous attitude as Marian Keyes, who even chooses "The ailment of the month" in her newsletter. Maybe that's why I felt attracted to reading her books this month?


The show must go on, even though I look through eyes at the moment that feel as if someone has greased them with lip balm.


Still, I have favorites to share.


What I’m writing:

There is a lot of writing going on, although everything takes longer and I make several mistakes because of my blurred sight.

I’ve been reworking some old short stories that will be republished by a Danish publisher in June. I’ve also been

writing the first draft of a Christmas novella. I love me a good holiday romance. This one is also in Danish but I’m hoping I can find the time to translate this one and another one I have, to accompany The New Year’s Wish in a box set *crossing my fingers* to be released in 2019.

Finally, I found an old manuscript I’m now editing and getting some very wonderful beta readers’ feedback on. I will make sure that this year I get my first novel published in English. It’s called Bright City Lights and takes place in London.

The plan is to publish even more in English. It’s a slow process because of the eye, but every little step counts.


What have I read?

Oh yes, reading has also been impacted by the blurry vision, so I’ve not read as much as I wanted to read, unfortunately.


I’ve been devouring Marian Keyes books, having been away from her books for some years, and I still love her style. I’m reading The Woman Who Stole My Life as an ebook right now. I’ve been to the library and borrowed The Break to read next, as my eyes become tired when I read on a screen, and I just need a little more of Marian’s voice when I finish this one (which I do not want to end, it’s so good!). Marian always manages to weave humor and lightness into heavy subjects, and this book is no exception.


The second book I’ve been reading is a book on writing: Verbalize by Damon Suede. I have only just started, and I rarely read many books on writing, but I heard him on some podcasts and thought it sounded interesting. Have only just started reading but so far it seems interesting.


Where did I find inspiration this month?

The best movie I’ve seen was The Big Sick, which I felt was such a sweet and touching love story. And it’s based on a true story which just makes it even more romantic! Cultural differences and life-threatening illness stand in the way of Kumail and Emily getting together. A poignant and feel-good movie, just like I love them.

This month I have listened to lots of podcasts and I will list them here and let you explore and find your favorites:

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books has filled my ears many evenings in April while coloring mandalas at the dining table. The best way to relax, in my opinion.

Sarah has a lovely voice and is one of the best interviewers I know, so I enjoy listening to all the episodes and the various topics the podcast deal with within the romance world.

Another podcast I have found and can’t stop listening to is Directionally Challenged with two actors from The Vampire Diaries (also a fave show of mine!): Candice King and Kayla Ewell. Honest, open and vulnerable are some words to describe it with. It’s about finding your way through life as an adult.

One last thing that has inspired me is a video with the author Alessandra Torre about how to plot a novel. I plot differently from book to book, but never in meticulous detail — it’s not my style. Alessandra’s style is with handwritten index cards and I love to get ideas down on paper with pen, so this one I had to try. I have now purchased white and colored index cards and I look forward to playing with them.

I already grab my light blue Leuchtturm notebook whenever a plot point comes up for another novel in English I’m working on. I have had little time for that novel, but I don’t want to forget the ideas so they go in the light blue notebook, the color reminds me of summer and sea — which is appropriate as the story takes place in the summer on an island. The Leuchtturm notebooks are the nicest books, you may know them from the Bullet Journal, and I hope they will be available for the rest of my life, because they are so great to write in.


Favorite snacks & tea:

Writing and reading requires something to enjoy. To ‘hygge’ with.

After an intense flip with green tea, I have now pounced on the white tea. Found this from Clipper in the health food store the other day, as I was searching for their white tea with vanilla from the same brand. The scent is fantastic, summer, and berries.

Snack-wise I’ve been partial to pork rinds or sugar-free pepper hard candy, though not at the same time!


My favorite work tool this month:

Is probably Canva, I have used it for different things.

Social Media and Blog images, but also for one of my favorites: to make mockups of covers for my books. If I can get a picture to look decent in Canva, I know I have a winner. I’ve even made covers myself in the program for some of my Danish releases. Going forward, I will also use it to see if a picture I have in mind for a book cover works. If I can make it look decent, a graphic designer can definitely make it look even nicer. If it passes the test, I send it to the professional. You can do a lot of free things in Canva and I think that’s great.

There you have them, April favorites. I hope I have inspired you. Remember that you can be notified directly by email every month when Author Favorites comes out. Sign up here

And do you have any favorites? Share them in the comments below.